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quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2018

How to know to buy the right laser machine...

How to know to buy the right laser machine... MORE LASER IN JEANS #lasermachine#lasermachineforjeans

The selection criteria should be evaluated and not be limited only to price. As investment in a laser marking system is not small, the good would be to consult a technician who has no link with the companies offering the equipment, so it assess exactly what each laundry will need.

Assess the support and after sale is one of the most paramount. In the laser does not always get the cheapest is the best strategy. In this case, price has to do with performance, capacity, power and marking area. The equipment in the initial price range available in Brazil starting from a level between R $ 260,000 and R $ 850 thousand. Therefore, the laundry should make multiple accounts to select the most appropriate model for the type of work you want to offer and the estimated level of demand for the service. The account should include the investments necessary for the proper operation of the equipment, which requires specific location in a room and to exhaust outlet of the heat and smoke, models for chilled water. And especially see if the equipment had not had to buy extra items such as surge protectors and uninterruptible power supply or even your computer.

The lack of suitable environment affect the life and operation of the system overheating. Capacity is one important attribute and depends on the quantity of parts to be treated by this method. Think that at first may not be a significant amount, but the trend is to make the most of the investment. Because sometimes the conviction of the sales representatives of equipment and lack of technical level of the same most of the laundry bought small machines found themselves compelled to buy a second, of larger, to account for the production.

Resistant technology at the beginning, others leave to buy the second machine excited with the result.
Some do not bend to technological appeals to this disbursement by assessing local demand does not justify the investment size. But remember this is our future.


Concept Laser Designer of Laundry and Fashion
Development of corporate identity and industrial design of machines.
Direction of the Laser Technology laboratory dedicated to research, testing,
quality control and technical reports of the equipment.
Collaboration in the development of control software.
Conducting training in equipment operation and maintenance.

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